We asked: Do you think Lewiston-Auburn’s image is improving?

“They’re making lots of changes. A lot of new buildings and stores are going up.”

Nellie Colburn, Lewiston

“It’s getting there. I’ve been around Lewiston all my life. I’ve seen the changes on lower Lisbon Street. It looks classier.”

Lisa Brewer, Monmouth

“It’s getting better. There are more shops and stuff.”

Stephanie Starbird, Casco

“A little. There are some nice things they have done. They have taken some things away.”

Bernadette Pelletier, Lewiston

“Slowly. I’ve seen lots of buildings go down that really needed to go down.”

Paris Teague, Auburn

“Yeah. There’s a lot more going on. A lot has changed.”

Jon Proctor, Lewiston

“Yes. We’re getting all these big stores and restaurants. They’re redoing Lisbon Street.”

Raymond Saucier, Greene

“I think it’s changing a lot. There are a lot more houses being put up and some old ones are being torn down.”

Kim Davenport, Greene

“It just seems like a lot more money and business is coming this way.”

Jen Jordan, Lewiston