LEWISTON – Property valuation notices showing estimated tax bills will begin hitting mailboxes next week.

Assessing staff should put the finishing touches on Lewiston’s citywide revaluation and send it to the printers on Monday, according to City Administrator Jim Bennett. The city will mail more than 13,000 notices to property owners.

The letters will include each property’s old and new values, estimated property taxes due this year as well as taxes paid in the past year. It should also include a listing of tax exemptions given in previous years, including exemptions for veterans, the blind and the homestead exemption.

Property values will be listed on the city’s GIS system as well, Bennett said.

“We really want to make it clear that these are estimated tax bills,” Bennett said. “But we really have done our best to get them as close as possible to what the actual bills will be.”

City councilors will not set the property tax rate until later this month, when they adopt a final budget.

The revaluation is expected to set Lewiston’s overall value at $2.3 billion, up $900,000 from the city’s assessed value last year. That includes an estimated $50 million worth of new businesses coming to the city in the past year.

Informal hearings for people who think the valuation of their property is wrong will begin three days after the notices are mailed.

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