FARMINGTON – When Shaugnessy first arrived at the Franklin County Animal Shelter, she was frightened and all alone. She would cringe in the back corner of her kennel and hide her face from view.

A short while later, with some help from a foster mom, Shaugnessy finally revealed herself as a loving little feline friend. Still a little shy, she scares away easily with loud noises.

But she will bounce about her kennel and reach her little paw out of the cage to say a quick hello. Shaugnessy would be best placed in a home with other cats. She adores other cats and loves to follow them around as if she were a baby duckling.

So if anyone is looking for a Maine coon mix to brighten life and to befriend other felines, visit the shelter and meet Shaugnessy. For more information on the animals at the shelter or adoption, call 778-2638.