BANGOR (AP) – The longtime athletic director of Bangor High School will not be prosecuted for a courtside altercation with a student following a basketball game in February.

Steve Vanidestine’s actions were excessive and unwarranted when he shoved his forearm into the neck of David Brookings Jr. as he and other students walked onto the court after Bangor had defeated rival Brewer, said Penobscot County District Attorney Christopher Almy. Brookings was innocent of any wrongdoing, Almy said.

But, Almy said, Vanidestine’s actions did not rise to the level where criminal prosecution was appropriate. Maine law allows people responsible for crowd control to use a certain amount of force, he said.

“In the eyes of the law, his role is governed by that statute,” Almy said. “The use of force during crowd control is under certain circumstances appropriate, and that made it problematic in terms of criminal prosecution.”

Vanidestine, who has been the school’s athletic director for 22 years, was issued a summons for assault after the incident. The school suspended him without pay for three weeks and placed on school probation for a year.

Brookings, a senior, said he feels betrayed by the school administration and the justice system.

“I’m not going to forget this,” he said. “This is one of the best years of your life, supposedly, and this has definitely put a black mark on it for me.”

His parents said it is hard to watch videotape of Vanidestine “continually pummeling” their son and then not being prosecuted.

Brookings’ father, David Brookings Sr., said he has not ruled out further legal action.

Vanidestine and his lawyer declined to comment.