n In the 19th century, aluminum was considered a semiprecious metal. When it was selected as the material for the apex of the Washington Monument, one ounce of aluminum cost twice as much as the daily wage of a typical worker on the project.

n International pop-music superstar Julio Iglesias (born 1943) has a half-brother named Jaime who is 60 years younger. His father, Julio Sr., had his last child at 89.

Complete this quotation from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: A fanatic is a person “who can’t change his mind and…”

A) Won’t change the subject

B) Can’t change yours

C) Doesn’t know why

D) Could most use a new one

Answer on Monday

Friday’s answer: The record for most all-time Oscar nominations for a male performer is 12, held by Jack Nicholson.

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