I was aggravated when I read the article, “Sex offender: I’ve got a big scarlet letter,” in the Sun Journal on April 19 about the sex offender from Lewiston who was complaining about his reputation being ruined when his name was entered into the sexual offender Web site. The offender did not complain until someone took the law into his own hands and killed two sex offenders.

Why is he complaining? What if he was in jail? He would have a rougher time being incarcerated than being on the outside. Being in jail as a sex offender, he would get harassed, get into fights and maybe even get raped.

This sexual offender should not be complaining about average Americans who want to know who is on the sex offender Web site, like a person with children who wants to check out an area to which he or she contemplates moving or to know who has moved in or out of his or her neighborhood.

Dennis Gaworski, Auburn