On Thursday, April 27, Holy Cross Junior High School celebrated their Sixth Annual Cultural Day. The marvelous celebration was put on by the students of Holy Cross Junior High with help from their teacher Mrs. McManus.

The students of the sixth, seventh and eighth grades were required to pick a country, and or culture, and to prepare a food or beverage from that culture. With an average of 100 students, there were countless options of cultures and tastes, all distinctively extraordinary in their own way. Tastes varied from French to Thai and from Italian to Swedish foods.

Before students could indulge in these delectable delights, they would first enjoy listening to our guest speakers, Mrs. Rita Dube of the Franco-American Heritage Center at St. Mary’s in Lewiston, and Dr. Dale Merrill of St.Mary’s in Lewiston. They talked about our culture and other cultures that we don’t always understand. The students also learned about the Franco-American and Somalian cultures, and of the many different beliefs and practices.

Overall, it was quite an engaging experience. Then came the best part: the FOOD! The teachers signaled to the students that it was time to eat, and a stampede of students rushed to the back of the room where the numerous tables, labeled with just as many flags, held all of the food. While the students enjoyed their treats, there was music by Matthew Lamare on the fiddle. When asked what he thought of the day, Nate Chaloux replied, “This is the best day of the year! You go around eating food, which other people made! And you get to soak in all of the culture. IT’S AMAZING.” So there it is, It’s amazing, as the day truly was.

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