DIXFIELD – New titles at Ludden Memorial Library include the following:

Adult fiction

“Angels All Over,” Rice; “Carly,” Cote; “Crippen,” Boyne; “Dark Harbor,” Woods; “Dark Tort,” Davidson; “Divine,” Kingsbury; “Face Down Beside at St. Anne’s Well,” Emerson; “Gone,” Kellerman; “Hey, Good Looking,” Michaels.

Also, “Mark of the Cross,” Pella; “Miss Julia Stands Her Ground,” Ross; “On This Day,” Carlson; “Smoked,” Quinlan; “Something in the Water,” Scott; “Sullivan’s Evidence,” Rosenberg; “The Drifter,” Copeland; “The Englisher,” Lewis; “The Maverick,” Copeland.

Also, “The Night Watch,” Waters; “The Old Wine Shades,” Grimes; “The Peacemaker,” Copeland; “The Plainsman,” Copeland; “The Witness,” Henderson; “Two Little Girls in Blue,” Higgins Clark; “We are All Welcome Here,’ Berg.

Adult nonfiction

“10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me,” Devito; “All Aboard, Passenger Trains Around the World,” Zimmerman; “Automobiles of the Chrome Age,” Furman; “Dear Miss Breed,” Openheim; “Eagle Blue,” D’orso; “IBS for Dummies,” Dean; “John Paul the Great,” Noonan; “Ordinary Days,” Baldridge; “Secrets of a Satisfying Life,” Ireland; “The Case of Terri Schiavo”; “The Lyrebird,” Smith; “The Orginal Dog Bible”; “This is Not Your Parents’ Retirement,” Astre.

Adult fiction large print

“Blessing,” Bedford; “Fly Away,” Austin; “Follow Your Heart,” Bittner; “Hard Truth,” Stewart; “The Echo of Hope,” Crawford; “The Last Gunfighter,” Johnstone; “The Peacemaker,” Copeland; “The Storekeeper’s Daughter,” Brunstetter; “This Heavy Silence,” Mazzarella; “Winters Secret,” Cote.

Adult nonfiction large print

“Ten Minutes from Normal,” Hughes.

Young adult fiction

“Bowery Girl,” Taylor; “Envy,” Wasserman; “Lust,” Wasserman; “On the Head of a Pin,” Miller; “Pretty Little Devils,” Holder; “Pride,” Wasserman; “So Super Starry,” Wilkins; “The Hidden Valley,” Williams; “The Trampled Fields,” Williams; “The Underground River,” Williams.

Graphic novels

“Daily Planet-Superman”; “Fruit Basket,” Takaya; “Oh My Goodness,” Fujishma; “Witch-The Power of Friendship.”

Juvenile fiction

“Amelia Bedelia Rocket Scientist,” Parish; “American Girl Collection-The Silent Stranger”; “Are You Going to be Good?,” Best; “Best Best Friends,” Chodos; “Domenic’s War,” Parkinson; “Duckie’s Splash,” Barry; “Good Boy, Fergus,” Shannon.

Also, “Gossamer,” Lowry; “Grandpa’s Little One,” Crystal; “Hit the Ball Duck,” Alborough; “I’m Not Cute,” Allen; “Miss Bindergarten Celebrates…,” Slate; “Mystery of Metru Nui,” Farshtey; “New York Minute,” Williard; “On the Go with Mr. and Mrs. Green,” Baker.

Also, “Overboard,” Weeks; “Rotten School,” Stine; “Ruby Lu: Empress of Everything,” Look; “Stop, Train, Stop!,” Awdry; “The Case of the Haunted Maze,” Kaye; “The Patch,” Headley; “The Return of the Dragon,” Rupp; “Tiger Can’t Sleep,” Fore; “Time Trap,” Farshtey; “Web of Shadows,” Farshtey.

Juvenile nonfiction

“All About Braille,” Jeffrey; “Army Ants,” Twist; “Deer,” Murray; “Fantastic Farm Machines,” Peterson; “Fierce Water Creatures,” McCall; “Golden Retrievers,” Murray; “Light, Sound and Waves, Science Fair Projects,” Gardner; “Matter and Materials,” Clark.

Also, “More Ridiculous Riddles,” Lee; “Motorbike Racing,” Norman; “Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Planet Eccentric’; “Survival Skills,” Norman; “The Peanut Free Cafe,” Koster; “Weird and Wonderful Fish,” McCall.

Audio CDs

“Magic Tree House-Night of the New Magicians,” Osborne; “These Happy Golden Years,” Wilder.


“Becky Bananas.”


“Little House on the Prarie-Journey in the Spring”; “Little House on the Prarie-I’ll be Waving as You Drive Away”; “Veggie Tales- Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler.”


“Daddy’s Little Matchmaker,” Denny; “Hearts Divided,” Macomber; “Longarm and Restless Redhead,” Evans; “Runaway Duke,” Long; “Star Trek-Deep Space Nine,” Mack; “The Barefoot Princess,” Dodd; “The Crimson Code,” Lee; “The Gunsmith-Alive or Nothing,” Roberts; “The Little Secrets,” Carlyle; “The Rogue’s Return,” Beverly; “The Sheriff,” Ryan; “Trick Shooter,” Dalton; “Woman in Hiding,” Winters.