Z. C. Bolduc, proprietor of a shoe store on Lower Lisbon street, Lewiston, was driving a green horse on Chestnut street, yesterday, when the animal became frightened at the train, reared and plunged forward. The horse fell to the ground, throwing the driver out and slightly breaking the carriage. Mr. Bolduc recently purchased the horse at Turner. The animal is a fine stepper and attracts considerable attention when driven through the streets. Mr. Bolduc does not anticipate any further trouble, and he believes the horse will soon become used to the trains, autos, etc.

50 Years Ago, 1956

Gov. Muskie issued his proclamation designating Sunday, May 13, as Mother’s Day. “The dreams of mothers will come nearer fulfillment,” he wrote, “if we are made of the stuff to follow in their footsteps – to retain hold upon courage, and if we may but temper our lives and our desires by the same tender spirit of concern for the rights of others as mothers have shown since the beginning of the race.”

A major election year battle over Social Security was assured in the Senate when the Finance Committee voted against lowering from 65 to 62 the age at which most women would start receiving retirement payments.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Warm weather brings out new leaves, baseball gloves and garage sales, and the Northeast succumbs to the season as readily as the rest of the nation. But when warm weather and weekends coincide the proliferation of flea markets is mind-boggling. Such was the case in Lewiston-Auburn, when front lawns across the Twin Cities sprouted signs and sales and red arrows pointed the way on every corner telephone pole. The semantics matter little in the world of open-air marketing. Garage sales, lawn sales, porch sales, May sales, barn sales and flea markets are almost interchangeable terms. Some markets boast the subtitle of “antiques,” while others openly advertise their merchandise as “junk.”