John Vallaincourt, Lewiston:

“I ride this route maybe once a summer; I tend to avoid it mostly because of the traffic on Route 4 and Summer Street. The turn from Route 4 onto Lake Shore Drive can be treacherous at the wrong time of day, which is a shame because Lake Shore Drive is such a nice ride. The narrowness of Summer Street coupled with shopping-frenzied drivers has made for some harrowing moments as well. The road conditions along that stretch is pretty bad: a lot of ruts and crumbling pavement seems to be the rule.”

Marty Lawrence, Auburn:

“I would ride my bike to work every day if I wasn’t so concerned about the traffic on Route 4 and the horrible conditions on North Auburn Road. There is no shoulder on either road. Cars and trucks dodging the cops and traffic on Route 4 bomb around the lake on North Auburn Road as though it is a highway.”

Noel D. Smith, Lewiston:

“I have ridden around Lake Auburn for years. The traffic has gotten worse, but I still enjoy the ride. I have always thought a good paved shoulder on the uphill sections (at the very least) would improve safety for cyclists and flow of traffic. With the increased traffic, higher speeds (people now drive toward North Auburn as fast as they would drive on Route 4) and the fact that no one slows down any more to pass a cyclist, a paved shoulder would help prevent the accident that is sure to come.”

Justin A. Hartford, Greene:

“Since the introduction of all the big-box stores to the area, traffic has increased dramatically, both in numbers and speeds traveled. Roads have deteriorated to conditions that are hazardous, even without the added distraction of cars and trucks flying by you, and most places there is only a small breakdown lane, if any at all, giving no room for error or for a vehicle to pass.”

Richard Williams, Lewiston:

“The traffic on Summer Street near Whiting’s (farm) has become too dense. Likewise, the number of cars and trucks on West Auburn Road has increased significantly during the last five years. Lake Shore Drive is busy as well. The major problem is the condition of the roads. Combining with the heavy traffic on Summer Street, the road is miserable from the intersection of Summer and Gracelawn all the way to the West Auburn Road.”

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