BUCKFIELD – Voters at the annual town meeting June 21 will be asked to approve adding two alternates to the Planning Board and staggering the terms of regular members.

Those changes were approved for the warrant by the Planning Board on Monday night.

Town Manager Glen Holmes said alternates will be required to attend all meetings in order to be informed in case a member is absent. They will have full rights and privileges as a member and will help constitute a quorum of four.

The Planning Board consists of seven members. Alternates are appointed for one year rather than the five years that members serve.

Planners also approved putting staggered terms up for town meeting vote.

The board began a discussion of proposed changes to the cluster development ordinance, which is designed to allow residential development, while controlling sprawl and preserving open space.

Board member Wes Ackley had numerous objections to the ordinance as worded, and Chairman Dick Piper thought they deserved more consideration by the board so the ordinance was tabled for further review.