On June 13 there will be a town election in Mexico. More than what meets the eye will be at stake.

Both Mexico and Rumford will have the opportunity at their elections to choose whether the secret ballot is better than voting by show of hands at the traditional town meeting. Elections are supposed to be for “we the people,” where majority rules on the votes cast. There are those who say that the old way is better. But, in the past, attendance has been poor. When there is a larger turnout, it is usually a select group that has a special cause they want passed.

By voting for the secret ballot, an estimated 10 times more people will be voting for how the towns will be run and how they will spend their money.

There are many storm clouds on the horizon, especially involving consolidation of services, serious cost increases, and sensitive personnel matters in regard to attrition, reduction and elimination. It is imperative that the towns really start running their affairs as if they were a corporation and we are the stockholders.

Mexico and Rumford need more elected officials who question expenditures, look at what is good for the town today and the future. People who aren’t afraid to raise an objection or vote against something. And, most important, listen to all the people and be honest with them and tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

Ruth and Wesley Raynor, Mexico