LEWISTON – Residents have until May 31 to file 2005 “Maine Residents Property Tax & Rent Refund” applications, which are available at the Lewiston City Clerk’s Office, 27 Pine St., and on the city’s Web site: www.ci.lewiston.me.us (link available under 2006 Revaluation Information).

If a person qualifies for the refund, it may partially or fully reimburse a portion of a person’s 2004 rent or property tax payment.

People may qualify for the program if they live alone and their 2004 household income was $74,500 or less or if they lived with a spouse or dependent and their 2004 income was $99,500 or less and property taxes were more than 4 percent of their 2004 income or 2004 rent was more than 20 percent of 2004 income.

Senior citizens do not have to meet the percentage requirements if their income was below $12,400 if living alone or $15,300 if living with a spouse or dependent. A senior citizen is defined as an individual who is age 62 or older by Dec. 31, 2004, or age 55 if disabled.

For the 2005 tax year, property tax and rent refund applications will be available in August.

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