There has been a lot of news about how government officials are proposing high fences and other measures to keep illegal aliens out. Here in the Northeast, we do not have the problems that California and Arizona have, but the issues are the same. Some want to round up all the illegal aliens and send them back; they are felons for coming into this country illegally.

But aren’t we all immigrants? Did we not come to this country to better ourselves, to find jobs and build a life for our families? And we helped build this country into what it is.

Now we are trying to send back illegal Mexican immigrants. Yet, we look to them for help doing work that most of us are not willing to do.

We should be careful when building fences. Canada borders this country to the north and it could do the same to us.

Putting up walls around our country reminds me of Berlin.

So give illegal aliens jobs. Let them pay taxes and we don’t have to give them citizenship. At least we give them the opportunity for making a better living.

Gerry Labrie, Auburn