Dear Sun Spots: My niece, Jenna Doucette, was chosen to be the 2006 Slugger Kid for the Portland Sea Dogs Striking out Cancer in Kids. Our family is working hard to raise money for this program. All money raised is given to the Maine Children’s Cancer Program. This program not only treats children with cancer, but also supports them and their families in such a way that is unforgettable. I hope that your readers can help me by making donations payable to the Maine Children’s Cancer Program or MCCP. You can send donations to Hillary Verrill, 32 Foch St., Lewiston, ME 04240. Thank you. – Hillary Verrill, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: Where might I locate a Kentucky Derby 2006 program? – No Name, No Town.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots contacted the Kentucky Derby but unfortunately has been unable to receive a response to your question. You might consider contacting David Lang at the derby and via e-mail [email protected] to see if he could find an answer to your question.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to know the value of a 1988 edition J.W. Collection Longaberger Gathering Basket. It has brass plates on it. Thank you. – No Name, Rumford.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, you might consider contacting the company itself. You can reach them at The Longaberger Co., 1500 East Main St., Newark, Ohio 43055, (740) 322-7800, between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., Monday to Friday. You can also check online at

Dear Sun Spots: This is for the woman who didn’t remember this children’s game of many years ago. I loved this game when I was young in 1950. My girlfriend and I played it all the time.

You need a small rubber ball to throw against the side of a building while saying and doing the following:

Ordinary: Throw and catch the ball normal.

No Moving: Don’t move from where you’re standing, or else you lose your turn.

No Laughing: Do not laugh or smile while throwing and catching the ball.

No Talking: Throw the ball and catch it quietly.

One Hand: Throw the ball and catch it with one hand only.

The Other Hand: Change hands.

One Foot: Throw and catch the ball while standing on one foot only.

The Other Foot: Change to the other foot.

Front Clap: Throw the ball, then clap hands in front of you, once, then catch the ball.

Back Clap: Throw the ball, clap hands behind your back, once, then catch the ball.

Front & Back: Throw the ball, clap hands once in front and once in back, then catch the ball.

Back & Front: Throw ball, clap once behind the back and then once in front. Catch ball.

Tweedles: Throw ball, then in front of you, twirl your hands forward over each other, once, then catch the ball.

Twaddles: Throw ball behind your back, twirl your hands backwards over each other, once, catch ball.

Curtsy: Throw ball, curtsy, catch ball.

Salutesy: Throw ball, salute, catch ball.

And Away We Go: Throw ball, fling arms outstretched and catch ball.

Hopefully, I’ve explained this well enough to be understood. – Margaret Wright, Durham.

Answer: Sun Spots would like to thank those who’ve written in response to this reader’s request seeking game instructions. She has plenty to keep herself and those wishing to play the game busy and has enough directions at this point. Thanks to all of you who kindly responded to this reader. Sun Spots is sure other readers have also enjoyed the reminiscences.

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