Let’s face it. Sometimes we can’t get to the gym. Kids are home for summer vacation, we’re waiting for the repairman who will be there between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., or travel time to and from the gym takes up too much time.

What do you do? You sweat it out at home.

I know. You have limited time and even more limited space. Well, pull up a bench and I’ll tell you all about it. With a little preparation and a few pieces of equipment – light dumbbells, a jump rope, medicine ball and a mat – you’re good to go! And you don’t have to leave to get there.

Try some high rep, low weight upper body and lower body combinations for a full body 45-minute workout. Be sure to jump rope (or pick another cardio burst) for two to three minutes after every three to four exercises to keep your heart rate elevated and those pesky calories burning. It will be different from your routine, but you won’t have to punish yourself for skipping a workout.

To feel the burn in your upper body, try the shoulder-chest combination.

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