LIVERMORE – “Work is progressing very well on the Strickland Ferry Road,” highway foreman Moe Laverdiere told the Board of Selectpersons on Monday night.

“Although Friday’s rain added another couple of weeks to the project, I guess we’re fortunate compared to some other towns” he said. “We are also still having trouble with vandalism. Every other week, road signs are often bent over, stolen or just missing,” he added.

Administrative Assistant Kurt Schaub brought the board up to date on the replacement of two culverts on the River Road. “We are a little under budget on the project,” he said, “and it has been completed.”

He received some complaints from River Road residents about the road being closed for a day.

“It was either that or haul some gravel in to build a bypass road, which would then have to be hauled away after the work was complete,” Selectperson Tom Berry said.

“That would have cost at least $1,000,” Schaub said.

“Probably closer to $2,000,” Selectperson Brenda Merrill said.

The new valuation numbers are in and will be discussed at the next board meeting on Aug. 14.

Applications for the annual Pollard Scholarship Award are now available to Livermore residents currently enrolled and who have completed one year of post-secondary, college or university studies. The amount of the scholarship is $1,000, and applications may be obtained at the Town Office.

Schaub said the new highway truck is due to arrive at Morrison & Sylvester in Auburn around Aug. 5. The original delivery date was Aug. 21.

Financing for the truck will also be discussed at the next board meeting. The truck should then be delivered to H.P. Fairfield Inc. in Skowhegan for outfitting on approximately Aug. 10.

Dennis Stires, a local historian, updated the board on the town’s annual birthday celebration on Aug. 3 on Long Pond. The fun will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a birthday cake and punch for Billie Gammon’s 90th birthday at the North Livermore Baptist Church. The festivities on the pond will feature a parade of muscle boats, kayaks, canoes and paddle boats at 7:30 p.m., followed by power boats at 8 p.m. The pond will also be lit with special lights and pond residents are encouraged to light up their buildings and build campfires.

A hot dog roast will be held at Lakeshore at 8 p.m. with proceeds to benefit next year’s fireworks. A 2007 birthday book is also in the works with the proceeds also going toward the fireworks.

For information people may contact Coordinating Committee members Stires at 897-4222, Tammy Castonguay at 897-7100, Debbie Finley at 897-4457 and Treasurer Don Newcomb at 897-2457.

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