WILTON – Moxie, the dog that bit three people over 11 days, was euthanized Wednesday morning, Animal Control Officer Wayne Atwood confirmed Thursday.

Two-year-old Moxie’s owner, 19-year-old Jennifer Mathers of Depot Street, surrendered the Rottweiler-shepherd mix to town officials Tuesday, after the third bite.

Atwood said Moxie started biting people on July 21, and after the first incident was ordered to be quarantined for 10 days. Only 4 days later, on July 25, a second person was bitten. Again, the dog was quarantined, and Mathers charged with keeping a dangerous dog. Then, on Tuesday, Moxie bit again.

The dog was euthanized Wednesday because no facility could be found that was willing and able to take care of a quarantined dog, Atwood said.

“The thing of it was, we tried, we worked, I called that night, we talked it over at the town office,” Atwood said. “It was brought up that if nothing could be done…” he trailed off. “I didn’t want to see it done, either,” Atwood said.

Moxie was euthanized at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, and was tested for rabies. The test came back negative, Atwood said.

Mathers has been charged with being the owner or keeper of a dangerous dog. Atwood said the case has been referred to the district attorney.

He was frustrated that Moxie was killed, Atwood said.

“It might have been a good dog for somebody, if we could find a responsible person after the 10 days,” he said.

Unfortunately, a dog that has bitten people – especially one that’s bitten three people in 11 days – is considered a liability by most shelters and animal care facilities. “It’s hard. I can’t read the dog’s mind – that’s the problem,” Atwood said.

“It’s not the dog’s fault. It’s the dog owner’s fault,” he continued. “It’s how you bring a dog up. It’s frustrating. Very frustrating.”

Mathers had a different perspective. She said Moxie was a kind, loving and gentle dog, but had lots of energy. People would get scared of her, and hit her, Mathers said.

“That woman hit my dog,” Mathers said. “That dog loved kids – she loved ’em right to death. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. That was my kid.”

Mathers continued: “She was a loving, happy, dog and she loved everybody. I don’t care what they say, because those people didn’t know her.”

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