LEWISTON – The following building permits were issued in June 2006.

Smith & Smith Construction Inc., 11 St. James Place, 46- by 53- foot ranch-style home with a 22- by 21-foot garage, 6- by 14-foot front porch, 7- by 13-foot back deck, $200,000.

Lawrence Vose, 6 St. James Place, a single family ranch-style home with an attached 24-by 24-foot garage, $200,000.

Millbran LLC, 30 Scribner Circle, a 28- by 50-foot foundation, $15,000.

Fortin Home Construction Inc., 59 Water’s Edge Drive, a 28- by 38-foot cape-style home with an attached 28- by 28-foot garage and 6- by 64-foot porch, $278,000.

Kathy Cloutier, 1 Hidden Valley Dr., a 10- by 14-foot shed, $2,100.

Daniel Winn, 69 Baird Ave., a 10- by 10-foot shed, $1,500.

Paul M. Goulet, 158 Dyer Rd., installation of a 12- by 20-foot shed, $1,800.

Thomas Memorial Baptist Church, 62 Strawberry Ave., a 10- by 12-foot shed, $1,800.

Future Properties, 1296 Sabattus St., installation of a 10- by 12-foot storage shed and a 6- by 90-foot vinyl fence, $5,000.

Arthur Libby, 64 Jean St., an 8- by 10-foot shed, $2,045.

Bertrand Langelier, 234 Webber Ave., an 8- by 12-foot shed, $1,440.

Mark Geoffrey, 60 Bardwell St., a 3- by 25-foot retaining wall and a 4- by 15-foot walkway, $10,000.

Richard Metivier, 379 Webster St., a five-foot deep, 21-foot diameter aboveground swimming pool to replace the existing, $3,500.

Ronald Biron, 7 Belleview Ave., installation of an 18- by 52-foot aboveground pool, $4,500.

Mary Hanson, 4 Hawthorne Place, a 12- by 16-foot attached deck and an installation of a 27- by 52-foot aboveground pool, $5,000.

Michael M. Albert, 20 Heathwood Lane, a 14- by 20-foot attached deck, $4,000.

Judith Warren, 27 Blanchette St., a 17- by 18-foot deck, $4,500.

Douglas Fess, 29 Katie Ave., a 10- by 16-foot deck, $2,400.

Harold Churchill, 30 St. Patrick Ave., a 10- by 16-foot free-standing deck, $2,400.

Robert Norwood, 98 Rosedale St., a 12- by 19-foot double deck, $6,840.

Bridgette Morse, 64 Cotton Rd., a 6- by 12-foot deck, $1,000.

Mark Fisher, 23 Fairlawn Ave., rebuild existing deck 8- by 32-foot rear porch, $3,840.

Omar Adhem, 232 East Ave., installation of a 10-foot wide, 46-foot long driveway, $920.

Darcy Dubois, 41 Gloria Ave., installation of an 18- by 50-foot driveway, $2,850.

Ronald Jacques, 24 Roslin Ave., for alterations/renovations, which include the replacement of windows, $10,000.

Michael R. Parker, 18 Fairlawn Ave., a 13- by 13-foot room in basement of house for storage, $1,500.

Bill Gladu, 72 Nichols St., renovation of a kitchen and bathroom, $10,000.

Miguel Escobar, 14 Peter Blvd., an 8- by 28-foot bedroom addition, $18,000.

Paul Roux, 172 Pond Rd., a 11- by 19-foot enclosed screen porch, $6,000.

Phil Brookhouse, 193 Holland St., replacement of (26) windows and replacement of 6-by-12-foot deck and stairs, $15,000.

Armand Marquis, 15 Roy St., a one-story addition and an 18- by 20-foot attached garage, $50,000.

Lisa Hopkins, 1 Shannon St., a 12- by 24-foot deck, installation of a 16- by 30-foot aboveground pool and 95-by 220-foot stockade post and rail fence, $12,000.

Ross Anctil, 19 Cram Ave., a 10- by 28-foot addition and installation of a 6- by 62-foot fence, $30,000.

Chris Aceto, 82 Pine St., installation of a partition (converting office to apartment) and installation of 55 windows, $25,000.

Bryan Church, 7 Judy St., a 224-square-foot living room addition, $15,000.

Sandra Nadeau, 112 Old Chadbourne Rd., for the addition of a 36- by 44-foot three-bay garage with an in-law apartment on the second floor, $182,160.

Paul Varle, 136 Hogan Rd., a 5- by 10-foot dormer, $1,000.

Dave Truchon, 604 River Rd., a 14- by 24-foot addition to create in-law apartment, $45,000.

Gregory Letourneau, 1651 Main St., changing garage into living space (two floors, 24-by-24-feet), $30,000.

Kerry Lepage, 7 Germaine St., replacement of one window size for size and replacement of two exterior doors, $2,100.

Sharon Kinsman, 24 Morris Ave., installation of two skylights and vent system in the ridge of roof, handrails, $4,000.

Jon Guay, 62 Irwin St., enclose and replace screens on 12- by 16-foot porch with sliding glass doors and add 4-foot, 4-inch by 8-foot deck on back side, $5,000.

Oliva Bussiere Jr., 35 Gina St., roof for 10-foot, 12-inch deck, $2,000.

Community Credit Union, 144 Pine St., alteration/renovation for office space in the basement area of Community Credit Union. Amendment includes the creation of a new room in the downstairs for an office, $6,548.

F.W. Webb, 60 Lexington St., installation of awning, $1,500.

James Grimmel, 681 Lisbon St., improvements to the front facade, $2,000.

St. Laurent Properties LLC, 26 Highland Spring Rd., renovations to office/storage space; two-story addition 50- by 40-feet, $250,000.

Lucien Gosselin, 625 College St., a 26- by 32-foot, detached, two-car garage, $25,000.

Chris Rushton, 13 Church St., a 22- by 28-foot attached garage, $25,000.

Armand and Annette Montminy, 41 Fisher Ave., a 16- by 20-foot detached garage, $9,200.

Penny Smith, 124 North Temple St., a 21- by 51-foot attached garage with a living room and family room, $50,000.

Roger Martineau, 8 Harvest Lane, installation of a 14- by 32-foot carport, $6,500.

Shannon Ouellette, 12 Circle Drive, removal of a 1987 14- by 66-foot mobile home to Sabattus.

Debra Morawski, 30 Katie Ave., installation of a 2006 28- by 70-foot mobile home from Country Lane Homes to 20 Katie Ave., $85,000.

Michael Poulin, 8 Revere St., installation of a 6- by 106-foot stockade fence, $2,600.

Darcy Dubois, 41 Gloria Ave., for the removal of current overhead entry and walkway. Installation of awning and new walkway adding stepping stones to driveweay. For the installation of an 8- by 150-foot cedar stockade fence, $5,500.

Patrick Therrien, 24 Blanchette St., installation of a 4- by 48-foot vinyl lattice fence, $1,200.

Annette Dorey, 23 Sylvan Ave., for the installation of a 5- by 18-foot stockade fence, $450.

Bernard Rancourt, 984 Sabattus St., permit for Play and Learn Daycare Center.

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