Why on earth would several Denver and Colorado business organizations bother to interfere with what is none of their business? On July 29, the Sun Journal reported the result of letters sent by these Colorado chambers of commerce and others to various Maine business groups with dire warnings of the catastrophe of passing the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

To start; is it any of their business? Do Maine business organizations tell other states 2,000 miles away what to do? I don’t think so. Either these Colorado business groups were asked to stick their noses into our affairs or they have a bad case of nosiness. What goes on here in Maine is none of their business.

From the data I have seen, Colorado is so much better off than Maine economically that we ought to give TABOR a try for that reason alone. Their version of TABOR is still in effect. Voters only suspended a portion of their version for five years and then it goes back into effect. Most of the Colorado opponents are similar to the Maine opponents, in that they are in some way feeding at the public trough, eating at the expense of taxpayers. What colossal hypocrisy.

My guess is that those same Colorado business organizations would yell unfair if Maine’s business groups started a boycott of Colorado travel and ski areas.

In my mind, turnabout is fair play and I will avoid Colorado like the plague.

George A. Fogg, North Yarmouth

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