Dear Sun Spots: Several months ago, I ordered a bed from the Furniture Superstore in Lisbon. It was a special order, and we waited weeks for it to come in. When it finally arrived and they set it up at my house, I realized it was not the bed I ordered. Since that day, I have called the store numerous times trying to work it out, but they refuse to do anything about it. They say the bed I received is the bed I ordered, and that because it was a special order they don’t have to do anything to make this right. I know what bed I wanted, and this isn’t it. They’re far more interested in sticking up for their salesman than in customer service. Is there anything you can do? Thanks. – A. in Auburn

Answer: Sun Spots spoke with Marcel Mercier, one of the co-owners of the store, who says this bed was a special order. It took the six to eight weeks that are usual for orders through Moosehead, the bed company. Mercier notes that the salesman, Ray, ordered a custom, made Moosehead full-size bed, as per your request and with the numbers you provided. Mercier doesn’t believe his salesman would have made a mistake, and he’s adamant that he and his staff will not accept the bed back. And, unfortunately, he is also adamant that the store will do nothing to remedy this situation.

Sun Spots checked in with the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection and has been advised what you can do is call 800-436-2131 and file a complaint. The office will then send you some information to fill out on this situation and will then research it to see if mediation can be worked out.

Dear Sun Spots: Maybe you can please help me like you have in the past. I’m looking for a seamstress in the Paris/Norway/Oxford areas. I can be reached at 743-9760. – No Name, No Town.

In addition to responses from readers, try Laney J’s, 39 Paris St., Norway, 743-8600.

Dear Sun Spots: We are looking for donations of yarn to be knitted into mittens for schoolchildren this winter. We have a wonderful lady, who knits these mittens for us every year. If anyone has yarn to donate, please phone Susan Gill at Rural Community Action Ministry at 524-5095 or 224-7505. Thank you very much. – Susan Gill-RCAM, Leeds.

Dear Sun Spots: With the Musical “Jersey Boys” being so successful in New York, I wonder if anyone from this area remembers going to see the Four Seasons with Frankie Valli, about 1962 to 1963, when they played in Lewiston in the auditorium in the Town Hall above the police station. I was in eighth grade at the time. I am planning on going on a tour in late October to see the play in New York and I would like to talk to someone else who was there that evening. Also, if I could find out the exact date they performed, I would love to read any old newspaper articles if any were written. Thanks for any help. I can be reached at 729-0603. – Susan Matthews, Brunswick.

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