I have read the articles in the newspaper, and have watched the selectmen’s meetings on television. I have some strong feelings about the string of events in Poland concerning the $2.2 million debt. So, wanting to do our civic duty, a friend and I went to the Aug. 1 selectmen’s meeting. We sat in the back row, knowing that I would be near a microphone as I wanted to speak.

I was not prepared for the hostile atmosphere around me.

I had planned to tell the board of selectmen what a great job they were doing, and that they are handling the situation in the best way possible.

I wanted to thank the town manager, Richard Chick, for his years of dedication, and to keep up the good work for many more years to come.

However, due to the remarks being made around me, I decided to write this letter instead.

I wasn’t afraid of physical harm, but I don’t need five or six grown men verbally attacking me if I were to say anything good about the town’s leaders.

Poland residents voted these selectmen into office, and we can wait until their term is up to place new members in if we choose to.

This recall business is a waste of time. The selectmen are doing their job. Leave them alone and allow them to do it.

Janice Fitts, Poland

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