At the moment, the new school on Park Avenue in Auburn has an open gate into an attractive new playground full of all kinds of colorful climbing toys. A “No Trespassing” sign sits on the gate, but that won’t stop the kids from coming over to check out the new delights.

Recently, I was driving by the new school and I noticed two young boys riding their bikes in the parking lot. Discussing this with a friend later, she mentioned her son had used his skateboard along Park Avenue to go investigate the new school site, but after she became aware of his activities, she forbade him to skateboard on Park Avenue again. She had found it a dangerous place for herself when she rode a bike along there.

I found the segment between Court Street and Lake Street intimidating to walk along last summer, with so many cars so close. People can walk that same segment and decide for themselves.

I think all responsible adults and voters in Auburn need to answer this question before the kids show up to play: Just how safe is Park Avenue for children?

Margaret Matthews, Auburn

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