You do your job well. I do not believe I have seen a more blatant case of sensationalism in more than a dog’s year.

Excuse the poor humor, but honestly, I am flabbergasted at how negligently the story of “the beast” has been covered. Despite the fact that the animal was obviously a blue or black chow chow that had spent a considerable amount of time living feral, and there were no out-of-the-ordinary features within that breed and circumstance, you persist in perpetuating the fairy tale.

Why not tell the story of a real evil: the apathy this society has concerning the responsibility to domestic animals?

The real mystery is where is the owner of that animal, and why did he or she so grossly neglect that animal’s needs?

When you realize that every aspect of that animal’s life and behavior can be attributed to a person’s actions, then you can see that what really matters and should be remembered is that animal need not have suffered and died, and possibly caused other animals to do the same, if only someone had acted more human and less like a beast.

Heatherangel Libby, Wales

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