LIVERMORE FALLS – The town manager informed selectmen that the owner of Riverview Pub is in compliance with conditions for several permits to operate the bar.

Police were called to the bar on Aug. 6, but it wasn’t for a fist fight, Town Manager Martin Puckett said, but for a domestic dispute.

If it were a fist fight, Puckett said, the patron would have been barred for 90 days.

But since it was a first offense and not a fight, bar owner Wes Bowen banned the customer for 30 days, overruling the bartender’s initial 90-day ban that was filed with police, Puckett said.

The initial complaint reported to police on June 28, the date of the incident in question, was termed an assault.

Police Lt. Thomas Gould was alerted that the barred patron was at the pub on Aug. 6, which under the bartender’s statement would have violated compliance with selectmen’s conditions.

He brought the issue to selectmen Aug. 7.

What he didn’t know, Puckett said, was that the penalty was overruled because it was not a fight.

Selectmen set conditions agreed upon by Bowen, police and town manager on permits that were up for renewal earlier this year after police said they no longer could handle the number of complaints stemming from bar customers.

Prior to the Aug. 6 complaint everything was going smoothly and the bar has had no violations of the permits up to this point, Puckett said Monday.

Police are dealing with complaints from individuals, but the complaints don’t involve the bar, he said.

Bowen had said all along that the bar was in compliance with conditions set by selectmen.

Puckett said there will be more communication between the parties as suggested by Bowen.

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