Dear Sun Spots: Is there a place that rents out metal detectors? – No Name, Durham.

Contact: Republic Jewelry, 212 Center St., Auburn, ME 04210, 784-4444 or toll free at 877-422-7979; Easy Rent-All, 20 South Ave., Lewiston, 784-1541; Handyman Rental, 357 Riverside St., Portland (by Exit 8) 800-325-3441.

Dear Sun Spots: I was given many magazines in the past, thanks to your readers and Sun Spots. I was also given puzzles for my sister who is in a nursing home. My uncle has since moved to his daughter’s house and I send him the magazines there. He does, however, love the Birds & Bloom magazines. I have run out of those. Does anybody have any more of those to give away? I can be reached at 782-3792. I would also like to thank all the kind people out there, and to Sun Spots. You are making a lot of people happy. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I am hoping that you or one of your readers may be able to help me locate the lyrics to a song. I believe it was at the time of WWI. It is one of my mother’s favorites, but she can only remember part of it. She remembers “A dear little lad, came home so sad, tears filled his eyes so blue. To mommy he cried as she dried his eyes, I want to play soldier too. They won’t let me play, I’m in the way, I’m mamma’s boy they say.” The chorus is, “Son, some day you’ll be a soldier, fighting in far off France…..” If anyone has the rest of the lyrics I would very much appreciate them. Thank you for your article. I look forward to reading it every day. – Gail Lussier, Hebron.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots did not locate any lyrics containing all if not most of the above. However, Sun Spots wonders if the song your mother recalls is perhaps the lyrics to “I Want To Be A Soldier” by P.S. Biglin and published by H. De Marsan:

“I want to be a soldier,

And like a soldier stand,

A knapsack on my shoulder,

And a musket in my hand;

And, with my bayonet gleaming

So glorious and so bright,

I’ll join our gallant army,

And for the Union fight.

I know I’ll oft be wounded,

But I will not shed a tear

And, in the midst of danger,

I will not feel a fear;

But, brace and patriotic,

Like our brave Sires, I’d fight,

And, with ten thousand solders,

Put Rebels all to flight.

I know I’m young and tender

But, mother, dry your tears

For, many young, as I am,

Have joined our volunteers;

And, mother, should I perish,

And for my Country die,

I’ll think of you and sister,

And meet you in the sky.

So, let me be like a solder,

And like a soldier stand

A knapsack on my shoulder,

And a musket in my hand

And, with my bayonet gleaming

So glorious and so bright,

I’ll join our Union army,

And for the Union fight.”

Dear Sun Spots: Our Lady of Ransom church on Elm Street in Mechanic Falls will hold a huge yard sale on Saturday, Sept. 16. The sale takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We will be renting tables to anyone wishing to sell old and new items. This is a chance to make a few dollars to help with those back-to-school costs. There will also be a small concession stand. If anyone is interested in participating in this sale, please call Helen at 345-9154. Proceeds will help the school. – Sandi Wilson, Julie Kasik, Mechanic Falls.

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