This war against terrorism is not about Republicans and Democrats; it is about you and I.

The world is not isolated in our own little world at home. It was not started when the towers in New York were flown into. The United States cannot stop it by starting wars like it has with a small country that had nothing to do with the towers in New York.

We created thousands and thousands more terrorists by killing thousands of innocent people in that small country we invaded. What is it all about? It is all about greed and, as long as the American people put greed in front of morality, terrorism will never end and get worse.

You think President Bush is the reason this country has not had a 9/11 incident again?

First of all, 9/11 did happen on President Bush’s watch so let us put the blame where it belongs.

As long as thousands of innocent people get killed in another part of the world, that is OK; but as long as we’re safe, just look the other way. That is what feeds terrorism and the United States cannot win that war with military power. Just look at our politicians; most are bought by big business. Big business feeds greed, and war is a big part of their profit. It is just a domino effect, and you and I do profit by war.

Peter Hart, Auburn

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