FARMINGTON – A man accused of shooting at police in Jay pleaded not guilty Friday to aggravated attempted murder and reckless conduct.

William C. Burhoe, 50, of Jay, continues to be held at the Franklin County jail on $300,000 cash bail or $600,000 worth of real estate.

Police were called to Burhoe’s Macomber Hill Road home in June for a domestic dispute, and after police responded Burhoe is said to have fired his gun at police. Maine State Police Trooper Randy Keaten ended the confrontation by shooting Burhoe in the leg. The Maine Office of the Attorney General has cleared Keaten of any wrong doing.

Burhoe’s lawyer, Woody Hanstein said after Burhoe’s arraignment in Franklin County Superior Court Friday, that he tried to explain the facts of the case to the judge in an attempt to get his client’s bail lowered.

He said the state’s evidence does not support the seriousness of the aggravated attempted murder charge and the high bail because his client is an excellent shot and past up the open shots he could have taken at police and fired at a building. His client also had bullets left in his gun, Hanstein said, and didn’t use them.

The state has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an intent to kill, Hanstein said, and their evidence doesn’t support that.

Hanstein said he requested bail be set at $75,000 worth of real estate, which Burhoe could have made with help from his family.

Franklin County Assistant District Attorney James Andrews was not available for comment Friday.

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