Citizens of Wales must be aware Wales Central School is still in crisis.

Yes, thanks to a group of citizens and Gov. Baldacci’s promise of $80,000, most of our programs were brought back. In the process, we lost some valuable teaching staff.

School begins on Aug. 30 and we are without a special ed teacher, a second-grade teacher, a third-grade teacher (anticipated), a physical education teacher, an art teacher, a Spanish teacher, an athletic director, and a GT teacher. Our principal resigned, but that position has been filled.

The citizens who think we “won” because we got our programs back are mistaken.

Staff members were let go because of budget cuts that were made at that first town meeting. By the time we had our special town meeting, those staff members had found positions elsewhere.

As a staff member, a town citizen and a parent, I am sad to see our school lose such valuable teaching staff and I am concerned for our children.

Every spring, staff members begin to wonder what will be cut out of the budget and who will be without a job.

Because of this, our staff members are finding jobs in other towns where they feel they have job security.

Who has lost? Our children!

I hope that when next June’s town meeting rolls around, we all remember what has been lost before we decide to make such drastic cuts to next year’s school budget.

Melanie Newton-Burgess, Wales

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