As our nation observes the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on American soil, we here at the Jesus Party Pentecostal kids church are committed to praying for peace in this violent world.

As the director of this urban youth outreach, I received a patriotic renewal on Sept. 11, 2001. I, like many in this great country of ours, had become very complacent concerning our liberties and freedoms that we all enjoy.

Astonished with the horrible events that took place on that terrible day, a patriot within our community by the name of Jerry DerBoghoisian came along my side and assisted me in teaching children the importance of American pride. He became the ministry’s official patriotic mentor.

Since then, he has assisted in many observances and American celebrations. With a flag in his hand, a tear in his eye, a patriotic hymn in his mouth, he offers a comforting word of inspiration to even the littlest child. He is a walking, talking history book, and his wealth of knowledge can be called upon by schools and other groups at any time.

We have been blessed by his service and spirit.

Rev. Douglas Taylor, Lewiston

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