Byron Nelson, Sam Snead and Ben Hogan were born within months of each other in 1912 and became three of the greatest players in golf history.

A look at their careers:

Byron Nelson, born Feb. 4, 1912, died Sept. 26, 2006: 52 career PGA victories, sixth all time. Five-time major champion (U.S. Open 1939, Masters 1937 and 1942, PGA 1940 and 1945). Holds PGA Tour record with 11 consecutive tournament victories and 18 overall in 1945. Second to Tiger Woods in consecutive events making the cut, 113.

Sam Snead, born May 27, 1912, died May 23, 2002: Record 82 PGA victories. Seven-time major champion (PGA 1942, 1949 and 1951, British Open 1946, Masters 1949, 1952 and 1954). PGA player of the year 1949; oldest player at 52 years, 10 months, 8 days to win a PGA event, Greater Greensboro Open in 1965.

Ben Hogan, born Aug. 13, 1912, died July 25, 1997: 64 PGA wins, third all time. Nine-time major champion (PGA 1946 and 1948, U.S. Open 1948, 1950, 1951 and 1953, Masters 1951 and 1953, British Open 1953). One of only five players to win all four Grand Slam titles. Only player besides Tiger Woods to win three of the four current majors in one year (Masters, U.S. Open and British Open in 1953; did not play in the PGA). Four-time PGA player of the year.

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