WILTON – Long-time member Richard Nile recorded his fourth career hole-in-one Wednesday at Wilson Lake Country Club.

He aced the #16 hole, 140-yards, using a 9-iron. Playing partners were Norm LeClair and Dave Henry.

WMSGA tourney

AUGUSTA – Following are results from the Women’s Maine State Golf Association event at the annual meeting held Sept. 26 at Augusta:

Gross: 1. Carole Sanders, Susan Wootton, Isabel Waterhouse, Heidi Haylock, 72; 2. Irene Asselin, Rona Backstrom, Judie McCarthy, Jean Sweetser, 74. Net: 1. Eleanor Emerson, Viola Kemp, Maddie Kilmister, Nancy Pratt, 47; 2. Doris Borkstrom, Sandra Meehan, Darby Vigue, Peggy Whitman, 48. Pins: #2, Nancy Pratt; #7, Cecily Whiting; #15, Rosie Young; #17, Terry Hamm-Morris.

MSGA Classic

YORK – Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association Scholarship Classic held Sept. 26 at York Golf and Tennis Club:

Individual: gross, Craig Briggs, 71; Kevin O’Rourke, 76; Garik Thiboutot, 77; Dave Simard, 77; net, Matt McDonald, 76-62; Sammy Stagg, 77-65; Dennis Demmons, Jr., 77-67; Chip Morrison, 78-70. Best Ball: gross, Ben Geci, John Isacke, Kevin O’Rourke, Tim Flaherty, 68; Mike Gauthier, Dave McElwain, Craig Briggs, Jim Bartlett, 68; net, Alan Dvorkis, Sammy Stagg, Dave Simard, 69-55; Linzy Norris, Stan Commeau, D. Demmons, Jr., D. Demmons, Sr., 72-57; Steve Wiley, Peter Hand, Jerome Gravel, Joe Foley, 73-57. Super Seniors: gross, Jim Veno, 82; net, Joe Norton, 83-71. Pins: #1, Joe Nappi, 12’3″; #7, Joe Norton, 3’10”; #14, Joe Nappi, 2’7″; #17, Pete Sassano, 4’5″. Skins: gross, Dennis Demmons, Jr., #4; Jim Veno #6; Kevin O’Rourke #10; Tyler Sanborn #13; Daniel Bellemare #16; net, Kevin O’Connell #3; Alan Dvorkis #8; Ben Geci #12. 50-50, Bob Barber.

SMWGA tourney

TURNER – Results from the Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association Phil Legere Memorial Scramble held Sept. 26 at Turner Highlands:

Gross: 1. Kris Kannegieser, Carmen Evrard, Martindale; Cindy Choate, Bridgton; Barbara Rondeau, Brunswick, 61; 2. tie, Ruth Colucci, Biddeford-Saco; Neila Nelke, Martindale; Marcia Chute, Alma Buotte, Gorham, 65; Kate Boyle, Nonesuch; Shirley Higby, Purpoodock; Karen Spanglo, Lake Kezar; Laura Young, Poland Spring, 65; 4. tie, Bobbie White, Andrea Littlefield, Purpoodock; Bernice Vadnais, Biddeford-Saco; Gerri Albert, Dutch Elm, 66; June Gyger, Kathy Comeau, Diana Gerrish, Point Sebago; Carol Stratos, Naples, 66. Net: 1. tie, Joy Eon, Nancy Bourque, Jean Smith, Peg Wilson, Biddeford-Saco, 64-51; Hilary Doane, Deb Towle, Val Halla; Cindy Wyatt, Nonesuch; Patty Lage, Woodlands, 67-51; Earlene Jackson, Meadows; Sue Higgins, Barbara Black, Betty Holmes, Purpoodock, 68-51; 4. tie, Donna Daly, B-S; Donna Bisson; Lois Litz, Dutch Elm; Noreen Munford, Deep Brook, 68-52; Wendy Wood, Peggy Neilson, Phyllis Vail, Mary Palman, Woodlands, 69-52. Pins: #4, Margo Audiffred, 8’5″; Kris Kannegieser, 17′; Peg Nielson, 18’1″; #8, Kate Boyle, 7’6″; Laura Warner, 13’9″; Linda Barra, 17’2″; #10, Deb Towle, 5’6″; Peg Neilson, 6’2″; Peg Todd, 8’8″; Peg Wilson, 8’8″; #15, Kathy Crawford, 2’4″; Sue Whitney, 6’6″; Peg Wilson, 8’1″.


POLAND – Fairlawn Seniors: 1. Dick Sylvain, Burny Burnell, Bob Metz, Dick Ricker, -25; 2. John Moreau, Norm Polley, Paul Spencer, Norm Verville, -24. Closest to the pin #11, Dave Spencer, 18′; Bert Cote, 23’9″; #13, Bob Brousseau, 25’7″; Norm Polley, 26’4″; 50-50, Fern Barriault.


LEEDS – Senior Point Quota League: Maurice Bolduc, Tom Rudder, +5; John Borek, Norm Colter, +3; Paul Sherman, +2.

Paris Hill

PARIS – Prospect Hill Fall Scramble: gross, 1. Alice Waterman, John Hodgkins, Robert Nadeau; 2. Jo Asselin, Ed Newcomb, Phil Violette. Closest to the pin #13, Pauline Blais, 3’3″; #15, Louis Paul Couture, 7’5″; 50-50, Jo Assselin.

Tourney is planned

POLAND – Maine’s Golf Heritage Scramble will be held Sunday, Oct. 15 at the Poland Spring Golf Course.

Proceeds from the tourney will benefit the Poland Spring Preservation Society that operates and maintains the Maine State Building and All Souls Chapel on the grounds of the resort. More information, including registration, can be obtained by contacting the Society at 998-4142.

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