NEW YORK (AP) – The wife of a man killed in a Queens construction accident gave birth to his daughter in Mexico the same day he died, unaware of the collapse that had taken his life.

Daniel Basilio, 29, died Saturday after part of a building under construction collapsed while concrete was being poured, police said. His wife, Alicia, was carrying their second child, and gave birth in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo on the same day, Rev. Allan Ramirez told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Family members aware of Basilio’s death had refrained from telling her prior to her delivery. They were concerned about the emotional impact when she was already in such stress, said Ramirez, who works with immigrants on Long Island and was contacted by Basilio’s family in New York after the accident.

At least five workers were pouring concrete from the top of the multistory structure on Roosevelt Avenue shortly before 10 a.m. Saturday when it caved in, police said. Four were rescued or managed to escape with minor injuries.

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