AUBURN – The following building permits were issued in September.

B & M Developers Inc., 188 Hickory Drive, construct single family home with attached garage, $200,000.

Tim and Angela Delorme, 115 Vista Drive, construct cape with attached two-car garage and detached three-car garage with storage, $350,000.

R. W. Plourde Fine Homes Inc., 144 Poliquin St., construct single-family home ranch with attached garage, $140,000.

Jack and Cheri Donahue, 64 Davis Ave., rebuild brick stairs, $1,000.

William Geirhan, 26 Granite St., replace rock foundation with 4-foot concrete frostwall, $6,500.

William Martin, 105 Ninth St., construct 8- by 16-foot addition on frostwall, $15,000.

Jeffery Gary, 41 Foch St., construct full foundation under double wide mobile, $30,000.

Clifford Damon, 536 North Auburn Road, construct 24- by 24-foot detached garage, $12,000.

Tom Cyr, 405 Beech Hill Road, construct second story addition on single-family home, $45,000.

Kenneth Sonagere, 88 Cleveland Ave., construct 28 by 50-foot modular ranch (no decks), $100,000.

Bernard Woodcock, 35 Summer St., 28- by 8-foot wheelchair ramp, $1,200.

Alexia Caron, 82 Riverside Drive, construct 24 by 24-foot detached garage, $8,000.

Danny Hilliard, 80 Coburn St., create bedroom on second floor (existing single-family home), $2,000.

Ellery Hewey, 153 Seventh St., install 10- by 14-foot manufactured storage shed, $4,142.

Mike and Karen Labbe, 53 Hazelhurst St., construct an attached two-car garage, $32,500.

Scott Lessard, 329 Townsend Brook Road, construct 30 by 50-foot single-family home, $90,000.

Harold Swain, 96 Kyle Lane, replace front deck and stairs, $500.

Louis Cote, 7 Helen St., construct 12- by 16-foot residential utility shed, $4,000.

Valerie Ridley, 745 West Auburn, add 7- by 7-foot bathroom on second floor, $3,600.

Guy Hart, 7 Lehouillier Drive, demolish 28- by 55-foot ranch, $5,000.

Sarah McNelly, 11 Beck Ave., finish portion of basement into living space, $4,500.

Dan Couture, 112 East Bates St., rebuild an 8- by 10-foot deck, $1,000.

Andy and Robin Verge, 1279 Pownal Road, 28- by 52-foot single-family ranch, $115,000.

David Bernier, 45 Fourth St., replace 8- by 4-foot porch and stairs, $500.

Norman Ness Jr., 80 Brentwood Drive, add full dormer to single-family home/renovation of second floor, $12,000.

Todd Ham, 65 Glendale Ave., renovations to single-family home, $55,000.

Gowell’s Variety, 121 Hampshire St., construct attached storage shed-utility to bottle redemption, $2,000.

Irving Oil Corp., 21 Center St., interior renovations to convenience store, $40,000.

Irving Oil Corp., 700 Minot Ave., interior alterations to convenience store, $40,000.

C. N. Brown Co., 709 Minot Ave., raise canopy, $4,000.

Central Maine Long Term, 26 Bolster St., construct addition for dumb waiter, $50,000.

Zhui Chen, 791 Kittyhawk Drive, finish space for Chinese Restaurant, $40,000.

Best Buy Co., Auburn Plaza Inc., 649 Turner St., Pad No. 2A (Best Buy), install commercial structure Per Plan (Best Buy) on foundation permit No. 131074, $1,600,000.

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