Looking at all the freaky faces, so many ghosts in many places. Oh look, a witch. Look at it twitch.

Listen to the midnight howls from ghosts, werewolves, and crazy owls. Spooky screeches from vampire bats and scary hisses from the neighborhood cats.

Feel for the candy that sits in a bowl, a lollipop, a Snickers, and a Tootsie Roll. Turn around, feel something furry. Quickly scatter! It’s Sasquatch! HURRY!!!

The candy senses are making it tough, to avoid the aroma of the candy and stuff. Take a whiff of the sugary air, the chocolaty sweetness of candy is there.

Finally, it’s time to unwrap and eat, all the candy that’s sour and sweet. The candy with the most sugar always goes first. What? Ewe! a carrot! That is the worst.

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