INDIANAPOLIS – The times are changing again in Indiana.

For the first time since the 1970s, the entire state will turn back the clocks this weekend just like the rest of the nation, ending daylight-saving time.

The twice-a-year clock change has been a long-standing practice for every state except Hawaii and most of Arizona. But under state law, much of Indiana ignored it for the last three decades.

That changed last year when lawmakers passed a bill to observe daylight-saving time. Gov. Mitch Daniels had lobbied hard for the reform, saying it would eliminate confusion and increase commerce.

Many businesses are grateful.

“I have gotten no negative feedback,” said Philip Laux, president of the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce. “I have gotten nothing but positive comments, which tells me it was the right thing to do. Thank God we’re connected to the rest of the world.”

Before the change, the state was a patchwork of time zones that made Indiana the butt of jokes and even provided a plotline for television’s “The West Wing.”

Seventy-seven counties observed Eastern time but did not change clocks; five on Eastern time unofficially observed daylight-saving time to stay in sync with neighboring Louisville, Ky., and Cincinnati; and 10 on Central time observed daylight-saving time.

Eight counties have since moved to the Central time zone, but six of those have now petitioned to return to the Eastern zone.

Regardless of their time zone, all of them will revert to standard time each fall.

At the Village Clock Shop in Zionsville, northwest of Indianapolis, the change will be time-consuming. Owner Julie Brogden has 60 to 70 running clocks on display that will need their hands moved back.

“When you have so many clocks, it can be a hassle,” she said. “Maybe I’ll even get a customer to handle some.”

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