The Fryeburg Fish and Game Association range has new covered firing points after work done by members and friends.

Firing range has new cover

FRYEBURG – Working over two weekends, 11 Fryeburg Fish and Game Association members and friends of the range dismantled the old shelter that covered two firing points and built a new shelter that is triple the previous size and covers all the firing points.

The following people, members and friends, helped in the work: Aaron Davis, Bob Hatch, Brian Hill, Jim Holt, Dave Lyons, Frank McGee, Bruce Reynolds, Bob Sanderson, Gary and Sally Whitten and Alton Wilson. Generators were provided by Warren Richardson and Michael Bassett, and a compressor and framing gun were provided by Jim Holt. Other necessary hand tools were provided by Brian Hill, Jim Holt and Gary and Sally Whitten

While all the construction was going on, several members with pickup trucks made two trips to the recycling center with the trash and shot-up junk that had been used as improvised targets.

All users of the facility are reminded that they are able to do so at their own risk. The range is state property and is maintained by the Fryeburg Fish and Game Association.

Funding for the new shelter and other improvements were made possible by a $5,000 grant from the National Rifle Association. An improvement to the firing point area will be the pouring of a full-size concrete apron at the firing line. Next spring a similar covered structure will be built at the firing line of the adjacent pistol range.

The range also has an adjacent trap range that is seldom used by shot-gunners, and the association has two traps and clay birds that can be signed out by members who would like to improve their scatter-gun abilities.

In many areas of the state, Sunday mornings at the trap range are a standard activity, with evening matches fired during the week.

Several years ago, the association was considering the development of a silhouette course of fire using .22 caliber rifles or pistols that utilizes small steel silhouettes targets of buffalo, sheep, pigs, turkeys and chickens. The targets had been left in the unlocked range shed and all have since disappeared and are considered stolen property. The association wants them returned.

President Jim Holt invites all users of the range to apply for membership in the association. For more information on activities, write the association at POB 525, Fryeburg, ME 04037.

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