NORWAY – Dr. Robert Story and Timothy Ingram, director of clinical diagnostics, joined the staff of the Women’s Imaging Center to present “Breast Wellness” on Oct. 17 at a Best of Health Seminar at Stephens Memorial Hospital in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A large crowd attended the seminar presented by the staff while they had a light snack of fruit and pink desserts. The presentation led participants through the steps from scheduling, to diagnosis and recovering, focusing on early detection.

Women’s Imaging Center Secretary Judi Gallant discussed scheduling and tracking of mammograms, also detailing the difference between a routine exam, which women should have annually after age 40, and diagnostic exams, which follow up on a change in the breast.

Jean Foster, RT, mammography technologist, covered self-breast exams, the importance of the consistency of the exams, routine mammograms and keeping track of changes.

Dawn Parsons, RT, mammography technologist, discussed patient positioning during a mammogram and what it allows physicians to see. She also discussed the new soft foam pads used in mammograms at the hospital since 2004.

Story spoke on biopsy options women have after an abnormal mammogram. Eileen Laliberte, RT, discussed the options of Reach to Recovery, a program to assist patients undergoing breast cancer treatments.

Patty Thomas of Hair and Company reviewed the Look Good, Feel Better program and how it relates to looking well through radiation and chemotherapy, despite hair loss.

Beth Bacon, prosthetic coordinator, discussed options for prosthetics, bras and swimsuits postoperatively. It was noted that many insurance companies will pay for prosthetics.

The imaging center is initiating a 9th of the Month self-breast exam reminder program. The reminders for women to perform self-breast examinations on the 9th of the month will appear in the newspaper and be aired by the local radio station.

Those unable to pay for a mammography screening should contact their primary care provider to see if they may qualify for a free mammogram.

Stephens Memorial Hospital is an affiliate of Western Maine Health, which is part of the Maine Health family. Visit Western Maine Health on the Internet at

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