FARMINGTON – The video documentary, Why We Fight, will be shown at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 6, at Thomas Auditorium, University of Maine campus. The showing is open to the public and will be followed by discussion.

Historical antecedents to present American attitudes toward war and security are examined in the nonpartisan film. It explores the policies of leaders from Truman and Eisenhower, through Kennedy and Reagan to George W. Bush and his advisers, Perle and Wolfowitz.

During World War II Frank Capra produced a series of U.S. propaganda films also titled “Why We Fight.” Clips from the public relations pieces display how national pride in the incipient superpower status was used to build public support for the total war effort of the 1940s. Military historian Gynne Dyar discusses how, during the following decades, leaders sought to reposition the United States as a country that must be obeyed.

An excerpt from President Eisenhower’s farewell speech, in which he warned against the rise of the “military industrial complex,” serves as introduction to examining relations of munitions and equipment suppliers with the 21st-century military.

Companies that supply private contract services from laundry and meals to security are a more recent development. “Why We Fight” portrays points at which the corporate and political interests become intertwined.

There is no admission charge, but voluntary donations will be used to support the monthly film series of the Western Mountains Peace Action Workshop. For more information, call 652-2377 or 779-1943.

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