LEWISTON – The Lewiston High School Class of ’81 will hold its 25th class reunion from 6 p.m. to midnight Saturday, Nov. 25, at the the Hilton Garden Inn Auburn Riverwatch. The evening will begin with hors d’oevres and will continue with live entertainment by Low-Down. The band includes John Rabassa and friends, who will perform old favorite rock songs from the 1970s. There will be blasts from the past and door prizes.

Tickets are $50 a person. RSVPs must be received by Monday, Nov. 13. Send reservations to Linda Sherwood at [email protected] or by calling 740-4387. Make checks payable to Lewiston Class of ’81 and mail to Linda Sherwood, 315 Steven’s Mill Rd., Auburn, ME 04210.

Classmates who are on the e-mail discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Lewiston81 and those who have made reunion reservations have been looking for long lost friends. Those on the list or those who know how people on the list who can be contacted should notify Sherwood. Contact information is needed for the following alumni:

Carol Arneault Brochu, Kim Ashton Warf, Kelly Austin Woodcock, Jane Beaule Davis, John Berube, Linda Berube Caron, Susan Bosse LaRochelle, Ann Bosse Wilson, Joline Caron, Katherine Clabby St. Pierre, Cathy Clark Comeau, Kathy Cote Crowley, Laurie Couture Champagne, Doreen Cyr Brochu, Jennifer Dube Dunham, Lisa Dumais Bernier.

Also, Cathy Dumond Finn, Tina Dumont Fisher, Christine Dumont Poulin, Pauline Fazekas Rowe, Lynda Ferland Morin, Joan Fortin Daigneault, Janice Fournier Therrien, Pam Gilbert Scribner, Suzanne Girard Browne, Elaine Gravel Ecker, Bernadette Grenier Slivinski, Jean Guenette Jones, Diane Jacques Gagnon.

Also, Tina Karahalios Bullock, Janet Laliberte Daniels, Carol Landry Nickel, Rose Laverdiere Gagne, Karen Lombard Therrien, Jennifer Maclain Mckinley, Laurie Marquis Brooks, Nancy Martel Tully, Lisa McWhinnie Paradis, Lora Miller Lindberg, Debbie Obie Michaud,

Also, Linda Ouellette Goulet, Pauline Parent Shaw, Debbie Parshall Ramon, Joanne Pouzal Morin, Elaine Provencher Bourassa, Debbie Roberts Pettingill, Rhonda Ryder Richardson, Debra Talbot Gilbert, Louise Turcotte Austin, Maureen Vaillancourt Hines, Theresa Vantrisco Edwards.

Also, Donna Varney Spencer, Michael Ames, Jim Amfilo, Gary Ashton, Steve Audet, Tammy Barnies, Linda Beaucage, Joline Beaudoin, Michael Beaudoin, Gina Begin, Patrick Bolduc, Bryan Bosse, Donald Boulay, Chris Bourbeau, William Bourgoin, Jeff Brosious, Robert Bruder, Christine Bussiere, Robert Cadrin, James Caron, Theresa Charette.

Also, Darren Chouinard, Keith Colvin, Christopher Comito, John Conrad, Caroline Cote, Janet Cyr, Jeanne Cyr, Lori Daniels, Cindy Deschenes, Debbie Dionne, Katherine Driscoll, Alan Dube, Andy Dube, Corinna Ducharme, Ronald Dulac, Bryan Dumont, Blake Fecteau, Sandy Fecteau, Chantal Fontaine, Gina Froton, Adrien Gagne, Marc Gagne, Penny Gagnon.

Also, Larry Gendreau, Mark Geoffroy, Gary Gervais, Douglas Gill, Barry Glendenning, Alma Gomez, Michael Goulette, Diane Grondin, Lionel Guay, Cindy Hackel, Lori Hamel, Mark Hanlon, David Hirsch, Earl Ingersoll, Sheila Jacobs, Edward Jalbert, Betty Jean, Chris Karageorge, Sandra Labbe, Marc Labonte, Joline Laliberte, John Landry, Ernest Langlois, Suzanne Lavigne, Dawn Leavitt, Julie Leblond, Robert Lecomte.

Also, Daniel Leeman, Linda Letourneau, Michael Letourneau, Claire Levesque, Jeff Lewis, John Long, Mark Lowell, Lori Lyons, Michael Marcotte, Kathy Marquis, Donna Marsh, Jean Martel, Carla Martin, Cheryl Martin, Linda Martin, Susan Martin, Mike Mathieu, Sandra McClellan, Gina McDonald, Philippe Mercier, Patrick Meservier, Richard Michaud, Scott Milliken, Michael Minkowsky, Kevin Moore, Mary Morgan, Danny Morin, Doris Morin.

Also, John Morin, Marcel Morin, Randy Morin, James Morrison, Michael Murphy, Alan Nadeau, Bruce Nadeau, Katherine Nava, Diane Ouellette, Doris Ouellette, Richard Ouellette, Karen Pacheco, David Palman, William Panzino, Ethel Parent, Kenneth Patry, Celine Pelletier, Jeffrey Pennell, Dana Perron, Keith Perry, Sandra Petruska, Arlene Plante, David Pleau, Roger Pleau.

Also, William Plourde, Dorothy Poisson, Mike Pomerleau, Tim Pomerleau, Michael Potvin, Daniel Poulin, David Poulin, Marcel Poulin, Susan Pratt, Michael Rancourt, Roland Raymond, Mike Reynolds, Rodney Ritchie, Lynn Rodrigue, Marc Rodrigue, Joseph Rogers, Donald Rossignol, Kevin Rouillard, Delina Rousseau, Norm Roy, Brian Sedgely.

Also, Warren Shaw, Kelly Smith, Lisa Smith, Michael Soucy, Tom Talarico, Barbara Tapley, Michael Tardif, Tim Tardif, Carol Taylor, Victor Theberge, James Therriault, Peter Therriault, Thomas Therrien, Suzanne Thibault, Edward Tibbets, Dale Tripp, Kevin Trytek, Tom Turmenne, John Ulmer, Velvet Vachon, Paul Vangeli, Peter Vangeli, Gregory Veilleux, Marc Violette, Carrie Wilcox.

Lewiston High School teachers who remember this class are invited to attend the reunion.

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