NORWAY – Stephens Volunteer Services at Stephens Memorial Hospital announced recently that Alan Day is exhibiting photos at the hospital for six weeks. His photographs are on display in the hallways of the medical/surgical department and the laboratory.

Day studied with Elaine Mayes at Hampshire College in 1972-73, which led to a show at the Nickelodeon Cinemas in Portland in 1981. Day’s photographs were transparencies; therefore, the large screens at the cinema were a logical choice for display. Day uses both older and newer 35 mm cameras, and by his own accord has not ventured into the realm of digital photography.

The works on display at SMH are early black and white prints as well as enlargements from slides and print film dating from 1973-2006.

Of his work, Day said, “I’m intrigued by the worlds that get created when the elements of light, perspective, scale and color are stirred together with a very particular approach to composition. What emerges from the negative is often something that I may not have even imagined while looking through the lens, so I am treated to a bit of a surprise. I like that experience of mystery, so when that gets evoked in another person’s viewing of my pictures, I feel as though I accomplished at least part of what I set out to do.”

Day has been in the area since 1976 and works in massage therapy in the Oxford Hills region and Portland. He shares his life with twin daughters, Emma and Ruby, and his dogs.

Stephens Volunteer Services works with local artists and artisans to provide year round exhibitions at the hospital.

Stephens Memorial Hospital is an affiliate of Western Maine Health, which is part of the Maine Health family. Visit Western Maine Health on the Internet at

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