DIXFIELD – Ludden Memorial Library has received new books for November.

Adult fiction

“A Bright Tomorrow,” Morris; “A Woman’s Place,” Austin; “Born in Death,” Robb; “Cross,” Patterson; “Dear John,” Sparks; “Family,” Kingsbury; “H.R.H.,” Steel; “Home to Big Stone Gap,” Trigiani; “Hope Takes Flight,” Morris; “Into the Storm,” Brockmann; “John’s Story: The Last Eye Witness,” LaHaye; “Murder at the Opera,” Truman.

Also, “One Shining Moment,” Morris; “Scrap Everything,” Gould; “The Gods of Newport,” Jakes; “The Secret Heiress,” Gould; “The Shape Shifter,” Hillerman; “The Widow,” Neggers; “Thirteen Moons,” Frazier; “Three Strikes and Your Dead,” Fletcher; “Water for Elephants,” Gruen; “When Gods Die,” Harris; “Wild Fire,” DeMille.

Adult nonfiction

“A Deeper Shade of Blue,” Nonacs; “At All Costs,” Moses; “Baking from My Home to Yours,” Greenspan; “Beyond Knowing,” Amatuzio; “Crawling,” Cooper; “House Beautiful Storage Workshop,” Evelegh; “John Henry,” Kessler; “No Regrets,” Rule; “Saving Graces,” Edwards.

Also, “The Glass Castle,” Walls; “The Mislabeled Child,” Eide; “Time Almanac 2007”; “When Violence Begins at Home,” Wilson; “Why We Want You to Be Rich,” Trump.

Adult fiction-large print

“A Town Called Ruby Prairie,” Smith; “At Home in Covington,” Medlicott; “Like Dandelion Dust,” Kingsbury; “Mother of Prevention,” Copeland; “The Deer Stalker,” Grey; “The Man from Skibbereen,” Lamour; “The Man from Stone Creek,” Miller; “The Spirit of Covington,” Medlicott; “The Widows’ Club,” Livingston; “When Light Breaks,” Henry; “Wild Fire,” DeMille.

Young adult fiction

“Breathing Under Water,” Flinn; “Finest Kind,” Wait; “Heat,” Lupica.

Young adult nonfiction

Guiness World Records 2007.

Juvenile fiction

“Coduroy’s Thanksgiving”; “First Signs,” Breindel; “First Words at the Aquarium”; “Fluffy and Baron,” Rankin; “Gorilla! Gorilla!,” Willis; “Hands Are Not for Hitting,” Agassi; “Heart to Heart with Mallory,” Frieddman; “Here Lies the Librarian,” Peck; “How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?,” Yolen.

Also, “I Don?t Want To Go To School,” Weiss; “Library Lion,” Knudson; “Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation,” Stanle; “The Featherless Chicken,” Chen; “The Shivers in the Fridge,” Manushkin; “Turkey Surprise,” Archer.

Juvenile nonfiction

“America Votes,” Granfield; “Annie Oakley,” Kunstler; “Ecology,” Pollock; “Food-Borne Illnesses,” Bjorklund; “I Am So Angry, I Could Scream:..,” Fox; “Peyton Manning,” Mattern; “Pirateology,” Steer; “Ute,” Gray-Kanatiiosh; “Where Does Food Come From?,” Rotner.

Audio CDs

“Back When We Were Grown-Ups,” Tyler; “Dead Watch,” Sanford; “Echo Park,” Connelly; “Golden Threads,” Hooper; “Keeper of the Keys,” O’Shaughnessy; “Motor Mouth,” Evanovich; “Ricochet,” Brown; “The Cold Moon,” Deaver; “The Last White Knight,” Hoag; “The Mephisto Club,” Gerritsen.


“An American Haunting”; “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”; “Curious George”; “Hard Cash”; “Akeelah and the Bee”; “The New World.”


“Dream Makers,” Roberts; “A Grave Mistake,” Cameron; “A Marriage of Majors,” Ashtree; “Family Matters,” Kilby; “I’m in No Mood for Love,” Givson; “Kiss of Darkness,” Graham; “Lucy Gets Her Life Back,” Holm; “Nine Lives,” Sala; “Prince of Twilight,” Shayne; “Sweet Revenge,” Michaels; “The Second Sister,” Weaver; “Valley of Silence,” Roberts; “Where Truth Lies,” Heggan.

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