Members of the Lisbon High School civil rights team attended an all-day training session in Augusta with Adviser Judith Lashman and Community Adviser Monica Millhime. From left in front are Darian Lavoie, Caitlin Ramsey, Brittany Dutton and Riley Thrasher; back, Kaitlyn Hunter, Colton Jackson, Gwynne Hunter, Janelle Withers, Brittany Clark, Brittany Dulton and Lashman.

School civil rights team trains

LISBON FALLS – The Lisbon High School civil rights team spent a productive day in training at Augusta on Nov. 7.

Members received education on the Maine Civil Rights Act and current issues in Maine. Strategies and ideas to use to encourage a safe and welcoming environment at school were taught during workshops.

Students participated in group sessions for team-building and shared ideas for projects in the school.

Students rounded out their day with lunch and a presentation by drummer, Shamou. The civil rights team meets on a regular basis in the school library. For more information, contact Judith Lashman, school librarian and civil rights team adviser, by calling 353-3030 or e-mailing [email protected]

For information on other events planned at Lisbon High School, contact Monica Millhime, community resource coordinator, at 754-0021 or e-mail [email protected]

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