BRYANT POND – The first-quarter honor roll at Woodstock Elementary School has been announced.

Grade four

All A’s: Aislinn Forbes.

A’s and B’s: Sadie Ellsworth, Anne Cushman, Liam Gallagher, Kristen Jackson, Nick Johnson, Nick Reavis, Spencer Robinson, Jacob Yates.

Grade five

All A’s: Bronson Dean.

A’s and B’s: Jenny Wakefield, Clinton Lawton, Alex Hoyt.

All B’s: Dylan Helms.

First-quarter perfect attendance includes the following:

Kindergarten: Emma Browne, Joseph Dillon, Josie Forbes, Bradley Lessard, Georgia Piawlock, Kaylee Radcliff, Toby Walker Jr.

Grade one: Duncan Forbes.

Grade two: Kaitlyn Brown, Cyrena Cox, Jordan Gilson, Chasity Pike, Jessica Pike, Marcus Wentworth.

Grade three: Akayla Curtis, Ana Harren, Mariah Millett, Cameron Pike, John Walker, Reginald Westleigh, Hunter Williamson.

Grade four: Luke Boyd, Sadie Ellsworth, Vanessa Godwin, Kristen Jackson, Nick Johnson, Miriah Lawton, Jacob Yates.

Grade five: Rachael Boyd, Bronson Dean, Dylan Helms, Alexander Hoyt, Jennifer Wakefield.

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