OXFORD – Terri Marin, president of the Green and Mirror Ponds Association, said a big community effort that went into the success of a recent erosion control project at a hillside site just off the Old County Road.

Recently, the association formed an ad hoc committee to help with the planning, communication and needs of the project on a hillside trail leading to the Old County Road.

With recommendations and guidance from the Oxford Soil and Water Conservation District, and support from Town Manager Michael Chammings and landowner, Kevin Ayotte, the project was implemented on Oct. 29.

The group made and installed three open top box culverts; two water bar culverts using tree logs and rock; and a galvanized culvert. A backhoe, donated by Tom Heward of Tiger Hill and operated by Wayne Ayotte, saved the group many hours of hand digging.

Due to a donation from the town of Oxford, rip-rap was installed for the drainage ways and on the slopes of the hillside to stabilize soil.

The culverts will collect and divert water off the trail and discharge it to a vegetated or other stable area. By getting stormwater off the trail, the measures installed will reduce erosion significantly. Signage will be put in place at a later date.

Marin said, “This project is a gigantic accomplishment for the watersheds of Mirror and Green ponds. The watershed survey conducted in 2000 found the hillside site to have the highest impact of pollution in the watershed.

“The unstable soil that has directly washed into Mirror Pond over the years has significantly contributed to pollution with all the phosphorus and other materials that are carried in with such a direct path.

“We plan to keep watch of the culvert installations to see if improvements are needed once the effects of late fall rains and spring run-off are known. There is likelihood of a phase two process at the site.”

Marin said, “This type of project is the second time the town of Oxford has assisted the association. I think they’ll be pleased with the results – the road crew won’t need to spend a day repairing the road when it rains. It’s a win-win for all of us. On behalf of the association, I thank everyone involved for their contribution.”

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