FARMINGTON – With the thermometer dropping, many folks find it difficult to get regular exercise in Greater Franklin County. The Healthy Community Coalition has announced the release of the eighth publication of the free indoor walking schedule: schools and other sites that open their doors to anyone looking for a safe place to walk.

The sites are located all over Franklin County from as far north as Rangeley and Stratton, to the southern towns of Jay and Livermore Falls.

Walking is a low impact exercise that almost every person can do no matter what their age or fitness level. It is also the best way for individuals who have been sedentary for long periods of time to start making healthy active lifestyle changes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity five or more days a week. Many of the 14 walking sites will open on Friday, Dec. 1, and will remain open until April 1, with a few remaining open for the school year.

Most of the sites have established leaders or organized walking groups. Individuals interested in walking are encouraged to visit a site near them, start a walking group and invite friends and neighbors to join.

All walkers should bring their walking shoes with them to change into once they arrive at the school. That will keep the floors clean and safe to walk on.

The walking schedule is available online at or at a store in the December edition of the Grocery Gazette. To find out how to become an indoor walking site leader or for more information on walking indoors, contact the Healthy Community Coalition at 645-3136 or 1-800-525-3136. For outdoor walking opportunities, visit

The Healthy Community Coalition is an independent, nonprofit affiliate of the Franklin Community Health Network.

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