A group gathered recently to collect garbage. Pictured from left in front are Aidan Ferris, Elias Ferris, Brittany Bubier, Oriana Noble, Mathias Manechia and Maiko Newell; back, Mica Manechia, Ravin Russell, Delsey Andrews, Rijah Newell and Pam Moody. Absent were Keanu Newell, Matoska Russell and Heath Booth.

Group turning trash into art

OXFORD – A group gathered on Oct. 15 in Oxford to start a project called “Trash Into Art.” Fourteen met to pick up roadside trash, collecting about 20 bags of garbage in a mile stretch on Route 26. They also picked up trash from a quarter-mile area on Route 121.

Trash Into Art is meant to promote awareness about the amount of roadside garbage that is accumulating in the community.

As a student at Goddard College, Rijah Newell is learning about community activism and environmental awareness. She is hoping to turn Trash Into Art into a community collective to rid the environment of pollution.

Trash Into Art focuses on turning the garbage collected into hideous art as a statement and puppets for a puppet show that raises awareness about the harm trash does to the environment.

On Nov. 4 the group picked up trash and made puppets for a show in the Christmas parade. For more information, call Rijah Newell at 539-4634, or 890-0545.

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