FARMINGTON – The Franklin County Animal Shelter has two red-eared slider turtles waiting for adoption. They have a tank and some supplies. The adoption fee is $40.The tank was donated new and is worth $100.

As with other animals, there are some responsibilities that go with turtles. All turtles carry salmonella – the bigger the turtles the lesser the fear of salmonella.

But owners do need to be careful handling them and wash their hands afterward. The tank needs to be cleaned routinely to make sure the turtles do not get sick.

The staff said the turtles are wonderful to watch as they swim about and bask on top on the rocks.

New dogs at the shelter include a male black and tan hound mix from Wilton, male Lhasa apso mix from Farmington and female pit bull mix from Farmington.

For more information, call 778-2638.

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