LEWISTON – The Gov. James B. Longley Elementary School honors have been announced.

Grade two: Anab Isaak, Stephanie Taylor, Gary Givens, Hassan Mohamed, Taheim Brimage, Chanse Devoe, Elise Bergeron, Tayla Strout, Ben Tag and Amber Raymond.

Grade three: Alex Gerry, Isaiah Bronk, Shamika Jackson, Allana Martin, Samantha Strout, Nasra Abdirahman, Olivia Bergeron, Katrina Gowen and Michael Alley.

Grade four: Abdullahi Mohamed, Nadia Tag, Ashley Call, Hailey Chesnel and Maurice Jennison.

Grade five: Bridget Burke, Abur Chol, Brittany Hutchins, Ahmed Yousef and Beth Smith.

Grade six: Crystal McIntyre, Letavian Sands, Danya Ayres, Dominic Nelson and Osman Mohamed.

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