LEWISTON – Martel Elementary School has announced its honor roll for the first quarter.

Principal’s list: Ciera Belanger, Amanda Bennett, Alyssa Desjardins, Benjamin Ferrence, Sare Howes, Jacob Kendall, Joshua Morin, Emily Payne, Jonathan Pleau, Kelsey St. Cyr.

High honors: Courtney Belanger, Elijah Cady, Ryan Courbron, Matthew Foss, Daniel Fournier, Haley Gideon, Jacob Gosselin, Stephanie Hamm, Lauren Lecompte, Thomas Lepage, Amanda Marquis, Mekayla Miner, Ravon Palmer, Bernadette Racine, Patric Racine, Julia Ricker, Dominique Sepulveda.

Honorable mention: Cameron Boucher, Matthew Charest, Curtis Coleman, Hannah Dickinson, Mikayla Dutil, Jazmine Fournier, Justin Gendreau, Olivia Gideon, Heather Kendall, Elijah Medina, Austin Merritt, Katie Morissette, Lacey O’Leary, Taylor Pratt, Cameron Provencher, Christopher Robinson, Raven Rossignol, Shelby Roux, Taylor Sargent, Jessica Soucy, Joshua Starks, Scott Venable, Taylor Washburn.

Effort honor roll: Amina Abdi, Ciera Belanger, Courtney Belanger, Cameron Boucher, Cameron Brousseau, Matthew Charest, Jhovert Dearroz, Hannah Dickinson, Jenna Doucette, Taylor Dube, Chantel Dulac, Mikayla Dutil, Margoth Estrada, Benjamin Ferrence, Matthew Foss, Jazmine Fournier.

Also, Gabrielle Garcia, Abby Gayton, Justin Gendreau, Haley Gideon, Shalei Grady, Stephanie Hamm, Everett Jankowski, Heather Kendall, Jacob Kendall, Amanda Marquis, Casey McBrine, Mekayla Miner, J’Quann Mongo, Joshua Morin, Katie Morissette, Adam Ouellette, Zachary Ouellette, Ravon Palmer, Emily Payne.

Also, Sadie Picard, Jonathan Pleau, Taylor Pratt, Cameron Provencher, Bernadette Racine, Patric Racine, Ruth Romanov, Raven Rossignol, Shelby Roux, Jessica Soucy, Allissa Smith, Kelsey St. Cyr, Jamie St. Pierre, Joshua Starks, Brandon Varney, Dustin Webster.

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